PowerPoint Data Pump – data driven Powerpoint shapes

PointPump ITRolesSheer frustration to quickly generate visuals from data, ready for Executive consumption in Powerpoint forced me to develop the PowerPoint Data Pump.

Right now, right or wrong, the active/recorded Business conversation in Corporates are largely embedded in Powerpoint which make it quite difficult if one wants to convey data bound visuals that are created in specialist tools like Visio or other Architecture specific tools. Those of you that struggles with this will understand exported images from these tools is not the answer either.

Enter Powerpoint Data Pump.  You create your data in Excel and then use PowerPoint in a mail merge style whereby a new slide is generated for every row of data.  Each column of data corresponds to named shapes (all you have to do is name the shape in Powerpoint the same as the column name) and the slide would be generated with appropriate data.

It is ideal for Visual Diagrams(Maps); for example Capability or Component Maps previously largely drawn by hand in Powerpoint or inclusive in other speciality tools.  Therefore you can design “infographic” consisting of multiple shapes that is “linked” to the data and once generated will allow you to use these shapes either individually or leave them as normal slides.



The  thumbnail graphic was generated from Excel/CSV data, with each of these “blocks” being fed by four discrete fields.  In this particular example I use data from the 2012 Australian ICT
Statistical Compendium outlining some IT roles with their respective banded remuneration.

Took me a little while to design the “infographic” look I want, setup the data and voila, nicely generated slides in Powerpoint with all of the relevant data in the shapes.

Currently it is in Beta, but if you have a urgent need,  let me know and I will try and make a plan.

Most likely that I will make this available in the freshInsight series post Beta.


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