Data Model Visualisations – IBM IAA BDM

BDM_Data_ModelCurrent thinking dictates Data Models to be re-presented as ERD’s or UML structures when looking at structured data.  Herewith something different when one wants to find patterns within the Data.  Example is the IBM IAA BDM Model shown within a Cluster Circle Packing visualisation.

Labels is not shown to respect IBM copyright. Example was specifically chosen to show how it would work across a well matured data model with about 2000 entities and over 1200 attributes in support.

DataThis technique especially handy when exploring data in early part of shaping.  Herewith another example to show the shape of clusters around data subject areas and therefore what design will follow.

For those that is deeper into BI this start giving indications around Facts and Dimensions and when repeated into more detail actually start teasing it out.

Contact me or use the freshInsight Visualisation service if you want to explore this further.


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