DATA is the new Gold

powerEarly notification of the PowerMapping suite I with some associates are bringing to market.  Select Customer and Project feedback very good.  Also evolve into a Service called MapTo.

It have the ability to rapidly take non-standard arguably unknown data and rapidly correlate it with one or more Industry models.  Accelerators for IAA and Guidewire exist with Acord, eTOM, TIA and others to follow.

Suite consist of  a a) Mapper (POWERMAPPER) seeded from an Enterprise Repository allowing Project teams to do data mapping whilst the Project is doing what it is suppose to do. It also consist of the b) Validator (POWERVALIDATOR) that can validate mappings and provide degree of compliance. Lastly a cloud based repository service c) POWERDRIVE create enterprise knowledge ensuring mappings are getting more accurate in time.  It also drive next gen visualisations amongst others data lineage and flow.

Suite is showing clear value when new Platforms are introduced with heavy duty legacy conversions typical in Insurance(new Product Admin Platforms).  Also been used when driving data exploration when designing service interfaces and data warehouses.



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