the 3 to FIVE rule

threeNo this is not the new working hours, it is the essence of framing things so that one can see it clearly.

What make YOU see the outline of a solution? Whether you are the builder, planner, designer or even the change agent that helps motivating for the new solution… what makes you see it?

The obvious is that any solution must be done for a reason and therefore you must be clear on what you are solving for.  In doing so, the biggest problem I observe is that solution crafter’s are ignoring the 3 to FIVE rule.

The rule simply imply that ANYTHING about the solution you write down or draw should never be less than 3 items or more than 5 items.

OK here is the test; look at your latest Powerpoint deck, your Visio outline or even your emails describing the outline of the problem and/or the solution.  If you cannot count the items you have a big problem… you are in no-where land.  If the points typically are more than 5 you are fuzzy and cannot see the problem/solution and therefore other people that you are communicating with will even see it less.  If however, you consistently describe the problem, solution and options respectively in 3-5 points you are seeing it.  If you consistently do it in 3 you are on the money.

If you are serious about this, look at the latest diagram depicting your solution.  How many solution components (domains) are you seeing.  More than 5 you are describing the world, not a particular solution.  Look at your description of the options, how many are there?

OK you get the point.



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