Trim your data for self service analytics

dataAlmost a year since last adding something.  Clear I got some priorities wrong.

Herewith a simple C++ Cmdline routine called DataTrimmer one can use to trim large and super-large datasets with.  Written it specifically with C++ to not have dependencies when running.  You should be able to copy the EXE file to any windows machine(client or server) and run it.

Many times  IT will extract data in the many millions of rows and normal utilities will not be able to deal with it due to its size.

You simply tell the utility how many rows to include and it will trim the data accordingly.

In the light of strategic answers one is more and more required to analyse what-if options  and therefore quickly need to get to grip with superlarge datasets.

To Use:

Please see Readme file for more details

  1. Download DataTrimmer to folder of your choice.
  2. Open CMD in windows(Win10)
    1. Click Search button(second icon on bottom left)
    2. Enter CMD and click on it
  3. Navigate  to download folder and run DataTrimmer
    1. datatrimmer –i <inputfile> –o <outputfile> –r<rows>



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