Business Architecture 101 – doing right things, right way

Business ArchitectureSome thoughts on Business Architecture specially for those of us that are interested in results. Click on images to see the details. Give me a shout if you want Deliverablesmore info.


Becoming the Acord Conversation using a Tablet


SupermapperLike many other industries, those of us operating in the Financial Services and more specifically Insurance need to start Business conversations fast, to the point and with minimum fuss.  Please click here to explore unfolding Primer using Acord for Tablets and Mobile devices to help start the Business Conversation.  It was generated with freshInsight SuperMapper a service from Deon Pollard & Associates.  Notice that  materials may be copyrighted,subject to T & C’s and therefore you should be a Acord member.

These “fast and to-the-point” conversations by enlarge implies ready made industry collateral and what better way to make use of a specific Industry Reference framework to get going.  In Insurance-talk it make sense to based it on Acord, the Industry Reference Model and Standard.





Solution Envisioning Map

 A4 Cheat-Sheet to help with the Solution Envisioning Process.  Use this Map to help guide you when you want to shape a Solution from Business needs.  Click to Download.

The Solution Envisioning Map is part of a complete collection called the Solution Envisioning Set designed to help the Professional Solution Architect.  It is also commercially available  as part of the freshInsight Product.

When working in a team or displaying Solution progress the Set can be extended with a Solution Status Dashboard.  Please contact me for a free copy.