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Smart Business Case Calculator — June 16, 2014

Smart Business Case Calculator

bcA Business Case usually captures and motivates the reason why a given solution journey is embarked upon.  Typically this is a well structured document that tells the story and outlines what benefit is expected at the end.

You can view or download the Calculator here.

This Post is not about the document but more about a way for the Solution Architect to quickly build a simple financial case in support.   There is a fallacy that a business case is a thick tedious manuscript, written by professional consultants in an incomprehensible language.  Hope it helps!!!

Solution Status Template for fast pacing Solution Architects — May 23, 2014

Solution Status Template for fast pacing Solution Architects


Good Solution Architects are not always renowned for keeping people up-to-date with status reports whilst solution is unfolding… right? …. mostly because the excitement at hand is creating the solution.

Being in that position many times I have created the following Solution Status Template for myself….   Download and see if it works for you.

State of Architecture Content — March 30, 2011
Solution Architecture Capability Map — February 15, 2010

Solution Architecture Capability Map

Click to see a Map of all the capabilities required by the practising Solutions Architect and associated Practice.  Included is maturity levels for each capability. 

To download; click on the graphic and follow the usual process of Save-As to a file destination of your choice.  For larger Prints, please contact me.  Ideal to help guide the aspiring or practising Solutions Architect to all the capabilities that ideally should be in place.

MindManager Template for Solution Architects — February 8, 2010