Trim your data for self service analytics

Almost a year since last adding something.  Clear I got some priorities wrong. Herewith a simple C++ Cmdline routine called DataTrimmer one can use to trim large and super-large datasets with.  Written it specifically with C++ to not have dependencies when running.  You should be able to copy the EXE file to any windows machine(client […]

DATA is the new Gold

Early notification of the PowerMapping suite I with some associates are bringing to market.  Select Customer and Project feedback very good.  Also evolve into a Service called MapTo. It have the ability to rapidly take non-standard arguably unknown data and rapidly correlate it with one or more Industry models.  Accelerators for IAA and Guidewire exist with Acord, […]

the 3 to FIVE rule

No this is not the new working hours, it is the essence of framing things so that one can see it clearly. What make YOU see the outline of a solution? Whether you are the builder, planner, designer or even the change agent that helps motivating for the new solution… what makes you see it? The obvious […]

Data Model Visualisations – IBM IAA BDM

Current thinking dictates Data Models to be re-presented as ERD’s or UML structures when looking at structured data.  Herewith something different when one wants to find patterns within the Data.  Example is the IBM IAA BDM Model shown within a Cluster Circle Packing visualisation. Labels is not shown to respect IBM copyright. Example was specifically chosen […]

Insanely simple Timesheet

Like most of us working on different Projects keeping and recording associated  time for each is quite a hassle.  Making it easier is always a priority. Recently I went through the AppStore thinking it may be quite easy to enter and manage it from a tablet.  Though most are visually quite appealing they almost all fail […]

Count by colour – Excel Power Functions

For some or other reason Excel does not have a standard formula to count cells by colour.  Herewith my simple count colour formulas embedded in an EXCEL add-in.  Very handy if one needs to count cells that was classified by color to denote progress, status or other meanings.  Subsequently decided to add some more functions […]